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Organic Waste, Manure, Energy Crop Digestion, Energy Recovery Systems Since 1985.

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Contributed to 100’s of digestion system projects (including 800,000 hogs; 30,000 cattle; 1500 TPD mixed waste). Organic waste digestion cogen systems: 80 TPD + 700 cow manure, 150 TPD retrofit of manure digester, 1500 TPD + 30,000 cattle manure, 200 TPD food waste to 600 kW.

Technical advisor: large scale multiple farm manure to biogas energy utilization.

Consulting services: EPA-AgSTAR farm waste energy recovery; public and private clients in Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Great Britain, Honduras, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Ukraine, US. Performed scores of farm, centralized manure, food waste digestion system feasibility studies. Managed construction of and operated animal production facilities and digestion/energy recovery systems

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Richard Mattocks

Virginia Tech

   -Environmental Science and Engineering

Cal Poly University
Animal Science